AI and Video — One Foot in Rennes, One Foot in the Future

Last year saw our winning recipe for the very first Digital Tech Conference. In 2016 we’ve done it again, combing all the ingredients of high-quality content, perfect settings, and a convivial atmosphere that made the first edition a resounding success.

Though the quantities remain unchanged, we’ve taken the recipe one step further by adding leading speakers and offering a day of total immersion on a fascinating topic. With artificial intelligence on the menu, who’s up for seconds?

“Just the beginning”

In many ways, one might say it concerns every sector – but in practical terms? Attending Digital Tech is a way of hitting the pause button, to reflect and draw inspiration on topics that matter. Do you tend to click your days away, not always taking the time to read every last word? What you need is to settle into a movie theater and focus on the big screen!

Today, we’ve imagined a future in which cancer is a chronic illness, art opens new doors and movies are peopled with hoards of extras… The reality is that it’s already the case and the Golaem demonstration did much to convince us, recreating our lunch outing in Rennes’ Place de la Mairie live… Games of Thrones and Walking Dead best be on their guard!

AI: Creativity and debate

At Digital Tech, we also leave room for discussion – over breaks, of course, but also on stage during our battle of the ideas: Is artificial intelligence well-meaning for humans? Is technology revolutionizing the world of recreational content? Two teams faced off to defend different points of view through debate, reflection and learning – as well as a bit of gentle teasing. We’re starting to think it would be a good idea to standardize the format!

Creativity was also an important part of the day’s menu. John Smith and others reminded us that we can already use these new tools to create, invent and find new solutions to our problems and new uses in daily life – oft-heard words that take on new meaning when they come to life before our very eyes! With Olga Pankova, this was done though color and music with Empereur Renard, for a sample of entertainment art that made us want to put on a virtual helmet and join in by her side… Maybe next time?

Speaking of art and music, a Digital Tech Conference worthy of its name doesn’t end with a curtain call at the Rennes Opera House… but after a few watts in the halls of TransMusicales. When we asked Emilie Lacroix [Les Trans Director of Communication] how this perennial favorite sets itself apart from other festivals, she replied: “Girl power!” We like that, too 🙂