Even Better the Second Time Around!

On Friday, December 2, over 600 people gathered together to hear 25 speakers discuss current technologies and imagine future uses of video and artificial intelligence at the Rennes opera house.


How? With debates, keynotes and performances dedicated to applications of these two technologies in a world of play, art and even health, and in the company of experts, some of whom came all the way from the USA to talk to us.

The talks were highly appreciated by the audience, and commented live on social networks [10 635 tweets of #digitalTC in just a few hours]: in particular, keynotes by John R. Smith (Watson / IBM Research), Shirine Benhada (Sophia Genetics), Cyrille Chaudoit (The Links), Nicolas Chaverou (Golaem) and François Pachet (Sony Computer Science Laboratory), as well as the performances by Olga Pankova and comedian Marine Baousson, who was as caustic as ever.

“We had two main concerns for this second edition of the Digital Tech Conference. First, was the concept of a major international conference on the emergence of new digital trends a valid one? Could it be reproduced and expanded? And second, could we attract a sufficiently large audience of “curious” experts, professionals and the general public?” explains Stanislas Hintzy, CEO of La French Tech Rennes St Malo. “In the end, all went well on both fronts. And we’re very pleased that this year’s innovations—especially the battles and the automatic speech to text translation—were a success. So, our entire team is already excited about organizing the third edition.”

Thank you yet again to our partners without whom we could never have held this second edition of the Digital Tech Conference.


Relive the highlights of the event in our Best Of video or on STORIFY!

You can also replay it sequence by sequence on the program or in three parts on the TVRennes website:

Morning / Afternoon (part 1) / Afternoon (part 2)